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Solstor offers our pharmaceutical customers a complete end to end secure and temperature controlled supply chain.  With our presence in Europe and the UK we offer a direct service from manufacturing point through to final delivery. 
Our network of hubs also provide for cross-docking / consolidation where multi delivery points are required.  Fundamental to this are the security requirements and procedures we have in place with our full load and bulk tanker transport services and hub network for storage and onward delivery.
Being specialised in temperature-controlled distribution provides our pharmaceutical customers with the knowledge that product integrity is not compromised.  Temperature controlled distribution of pharmaceutical products is becoming more prevalent as global temperatures increase and weather patterns more unpredictable.
Our pharmaceutical distribution services include:
  • Temperature controlled distribution Full loads
  • Consolidation
  • Import logistics Operations and Management
  • Complete service provision periodical / real time reporting, transparency of operations, KPI presentation, supply chain development.
  • Trace and tracking visibility

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